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too had dreamed of this moment for so long. As a damsel always tried to be very obedient to what my mom said so was not involved with any boy-friends. I had just kept that other side of my life completely unfolded. It was in no way that I was unromantic or didn’t love the company of boys but still I felt there are certain things which should be unfolded only after the bond.

I just had a pic of him and with that started dreaming of my future endevour with his pic , he on the other hand tried to meet me once before marriage but some how my mom came to know of it and she insisted that my younger sister be with me always. So there I was going to tie the nuptial bond blindfold. There was a sense of subdued fear but only one rescue …my fiance too had not seen me for once.

So there I was with all my subdued fears ready for a blind date .Ours was completely traditional marriage and so I first saw him when he garlanded me . I was too shy to see him directly so just was trying to peep out here and there . I looked at him publicly but made the situation too different as to i was just calling out to my sister. I saw him also staring at me but he was too direct.This was our first gaze. I was too nervous for the first night as for the first time I would be locked in a room with some male. But his was altogether a different feeling his contentment was flashing through his inward eye. Such was my blind date .

After a few days he asked me whether I was happy with him . I was surprised as to Why he was asking such a question . Those days I used to talk shyly with him but still asked “Why this question?” He too couldn’t express himself and just went on asking me the same question “Are you happy with me ?” Now I thought what was wrong with him .Why was he again and again asking the same question .I decided whatsoever be the consequence I needed to ask him ?

So that night when came to the room I very softly asked him ,” Can you please tell me what made you feel that I am not happy ?” First he tried to avoid but then he said ,”If you are happy with me why don’t you call my mom ?I never saw you calling her mom you just go near her but not for a single moment you called her “Mom”.Why?

Now I understood what was the reason ,actually in the beginning his mom always looked to me as my granny so it was very difficult for me to call her Mom.I just started laughing my guts out for the first time after my marriage knowing that he cared for me so much.

But from that day hence I made it a point to call his mom specially whenever he was nearby. There were many such small issues that I had to overcome as our age gap was around a period of sixteen years and all the family members were elder to me . I took some time to get adjusted to the family but with the able guidance e of my blind date I made it possible…..

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