Affair and Cheating

Married but open about their office affair…how right or wrong is it?

People Holding Hands

(Names changed to protect identities)

The dotcom world brought in IT culture, leading to the dawn of the open office with cubicles or workstations, rather than separate rooms or distantly placed tables for each employee. Office spaces are places where people spend most of their waking time (up to 90 per cent of it). They work with a set of people, eat with them, and interact with them, making beloved friends as well as hateful enemies. Apart from coffee, Cupid’s brew is also at work at office.

My current office, a Delhi-based private news channel, is an interesting place to work in. The newsroom is packed with inspired journalists working day and night. However, love can conquer the busiest person on the planet and drive them crazy. Who would have thought that a journalist (busy round the clock) would fall for a fellow journalist head over heels? Interestingly, both of these journos are already married (to other people). These are young people in their late 20s (let us call them Anushka and Rakesh), with not so old marriages, crazily attracted towards their colleagues.

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