Affair and Cheating

Married Indians are taking sex from the bedroom to the chatroom

More and more married Indians are using online chatrooms for sex chat. Does it count as infidelity? Is it acceptable or completely wrong?
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Married Indians using online chatrooms

Ever wondered what your spouse is up to behind their laptop screen? What you may consider endless hours of hard work, or movie marathons, may actually be cyber sex. Married Indians are taking sex from the bedroom to the chatroom. Plenty of online adult chat rooms have mushroomed, some even specifically targeting married folks looking for some time out. The reasons could be diverse – a quick sexterlude or something deeper. The Internet has become the place to escape bedroom boredom.

No strings – or wires!

What makes the Internet so exciting? According to a study conducted by the University of Florida, it is Anonymous Sexual Interactionism – you get to live your deepest fantasies, without your identity being known. For most, that’s basically as no strings attached as it gets! Once the honeymoon period is over, sex can become monotonous for many. Cybersex seems a quick and easy fix, without the guilt of a real-life affair.

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  1. Alright, this is definitely cheating. The urge to participate in this clearly indicates that your relationship with your spouse lacks some kind of sexual element. So instead of engaging in this, talk to your spouse and try to work on your sex life. If it just doesn’t work, then inform them about what your doing and then go on with these sex chats. Because how long can you hide this stuff for. One way or the other your partner will know about it. So it;s better if they hear it from you then find out themselves

  2. I was blank in this matter and after reading the article I am quite aware of it’s whereabouts but I will be more than offended if I caught my husband doing this. I am okay with him watching porn but sexting! I do not think I can even bear it.

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