I Am Married For 13 Years and Very Dissatisfied With My Sex Life

Dissatisfied with my sex life

I have been married for 13 years now, but I am not satisfied sexually with my spouse. The sex has become a routine thing and my wife is not that thoughtful in terms of sexual acts. I have spoken to her a few times and have made attempts to make her understand, but things do not work. As such, I take recourse to masturbation and this does not help me either. Rather it adds to my frustration.

I am dissatisfied with my sex life.

I am dissatisfied with my sex life

I am staying in a joint family with my mother. My son is 13 years old. Though we do have separate bedrooms for each of us, the rooms are not sufficiently private.

My spouse has some hormonal imbalances which impact her mood very badly. She feels relaxed only during her days of the menstrual cycle or a couple of days before her periods’ start. I prefer these days for more sexual activity, but those are still not satisfying. I am really longing for good sex. What should I do?

Dear Sir,

The first thing you should do is talk to your spouse.

Tell her how you feel and find out where she stands. You have had a long marriage so it won’t be very hard to discuss your sexual desires with her.

Privacy is important and can severely impact desire either ways. Hormonal changes need to be looked into. You can see a gynaecologist for that.

Her mood swings happening from hormonal changes can be treated. If all fails, consult a professional.


Avani Tiwari

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