Married to a commendable gastronomer

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How does it feel to not worry about the next meal? The kitchen is one area that often turns into a battleground given the present day hectic schedules. With both the spouses working, cooking is often limited to heating ready-made stuff bought off the store. I can’t help but marvel at my good fortune of having married a total gastronomer.

Ours is a love marriage and we both had passed the kitchen compatibility test during our courtship days itself. One evening after work he came home with me and as my parents were watching a movie very keenly, we did not want to disturb them for dinner preparations. I entered the kitchen with a half frown and my significant other sensed that immediately. I was not sure whether I should ask him to help out with the preparation and began to chop the veggies half heartedly. He entered the kitchen and said, ” I want to help you but this is your parents home and I do not know how they would react upon watching me cook with you?” I was touched but too tired to think and asked him to share the load. To my delight, we wrapped up in less than half an hour! We had cooked brinjal fry, tomato dal, and rice. The food was cooked to perfection and we all enjoyed it.

Later that night, I realized how easily we had shared the space and had gone about the ordeal (for me) with so much joy. The proximity coupled with his efficiency made me feel more in love with him. The next day I asked him if he enjoys cooking, to which he just smiled, looked into my eyes and said, ” Anything for you, my love.” This holds good even now. That he is a great cook, was revealed to me after our wedding.

I work from home and even after putting in a long day at work when he comes back and finds me not feeling up to it or unwell, he takes charge. Do I let him go it alone? No way! We step into the kitchen together and still manage to quickly rustle up the tastiest of dishes much to the kid’s delight. I remember him sharing his concern about not being able to make dosas. Not one to be left behind, hubby dear has mastered the art of making super thin crispy dosas, just the way I like it.

Love is when you can cook together with soft romantic songs playing in the background, reminiscing about courtship days and the wonderful times to come.


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