Married with child but want to get back with my ex!

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Dear ma’am,

I am married. Not really happy but I do believe I love my wife.

Recently a girl whom I loved more than anything has come back into my life. I have not seen or talked to her in the past 11 years. My daughter is 13 today, but when she was two years old, I had cut the girl out of my life, to be with the mother of my child, who is my current wife.

We’re just having friendly conversations, but I did fu*k up and told her how I felt about her. So now she knows that I am still absolutely nuts about her. She’s dealing with the death of her fiance though. But the problem is that now I am having feelings of resentment towards my wife. Like maybe I should not have cut the original love out of my life for the sake of my daughter. I’m so screwed! Please help me clear my head ma’am…

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Snigdha Mishra says:


You’ve clearly put yourself in a confusing territory here!

She came back to your life: I can understand that you love this girl. You probably also love your wife and your daughter. If this

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