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Match making

match making

They say matches are made in heaven. Yet we see some really odd matches all around us. So either someone does selective matching up there or grossly goof ups in his/her job. Some relationships on earth are so hopelessly mismatched that I suspect the quality control at heaven has a strange sense of humour.

And who says we match only couples. Being from the Design & Fashion field gives me my own matchmaking expertise. And this ability has its own pros & cons and you end up being hypercritical. While enjoying a quiet meal with friends, your eyes might be wandering around on someone’s ill-fitting skirt or miss-match sandals.

Or worse, the wall colour that just doesn’t match the curtains or furniture!

It begins to spiral down further when one starts applying the same logics to people – living breathing ones; whether his or her opinions match his personality overall or if a person matches  your personal likes or dislikes. We all even hang-out with friends that match our likings.

So one fine afternoon, I was out for a coffee with this “matching” single friend. We started discussing men & I asked her if being single is her choice.

She paused for a moment and said, “It’s not that I don’t want to marry, maybe I didn’t find the right man!”

I told her, “Darling, there is nothing like a right man in this world. Rather, there is no permanent Mr. Right.”. I am not sure if I said this coz I am married or I am being critical of the male fraternity in general?

“But things have to match somewhere.” she protests.

Here we are back at matching.

“Hmm! What do you mean by matching??”

She explains “You see all the men I meet are either over smart or downright dumb. One of them even had the audacity to ask if I was a virgin”

I know enough of my friend’s wit to expect something interesting as a reply. So I nodded with a smile waiting to hear her reply.

“I asked him if he believed in free sex. He was taken aback and said ‘Hell no’!

So I replied, “Then how much do you charge for it?”

We both laughed heartily over the poor chap. I must admit that it was a very good reply.

On a sombre note she said “Looks like I’ll have to kiss a lot of frogs before I find my Prince Charming”

Well, only if I had the cheek to tell her that most Prince Charmings turn into frogs after the wedding kiss. I gave her one of those assuring “I know what you mean” looks while smiling at the imagination of my husband transforming into a frog.

And just at that moment the waiter arrives with our hot coffee and we both said in unison, “Who would want coffee mugs printed with Red Tie & dye pattern. It just doesn’t match!”

And we were back to matching. Happy matching everyone.

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