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Matters of the Heart

Deepa Gupta

The heart of the matter lies with the matters of the heart. And so while you have a heart, and a young and healthy one at that, have the heart to look after it well. And there are but so many ways to do it. One, you could wear your heart on your sleeve. Yes, many would do it without batting an eyelid. And even as you do, you never know, you could, maybe, win a few hearts. And if you do, you know you’ve hit the target and are heading in the right direction.

That would take care of your now happy heart.

Then there are others that would have a hearty laugh. They are the ones that really know how to keep their heart in the right place and in the right way. For it’s their full throated laughter that pumps up their heart and makes it bright and beautiful.

And this one’s for your heartthrob. Ah! This would not just make your heart throb with delight and rev up its palpitations but also send out little heart animations in the direction of your ‘throb’. And that’s the way it goes….

For when someone tugs at your heartstrings, there is nothing to beat the sensation. And there’s no medicine like love. It is manna that nurtures the heart and calms it; smoothens the blues and warms it. And see the heart swell with pride at its own victory.

One for your heart beat too. The more you hear the melody of your loved one’s heart beat, the healthier it grows. Give them that bear hug and let the music play on. It’s indeed heart-warming to see affection being the basic ingredient that drives the heart towards health and happiness.

And express your heartfelt feelings, (not half-heartedly though) fulfill your heartfelt desires, convey your heartfelt wishes; in short, do what your heart feels most. And see how that makes a difference. Hear the heart say ‘Thank You’ to you in so many heartening ways for fulfilling its deepest aspirations.

And what better way than to have that heart-to-heart conversation with your best friends. Pour your heart out and see how it feels light and nice. You’ve unburdened it and it finds it easier to breathe. The negative is out and the heart is fresh and refreshed. And this would keep it all out – the heartburn, the heartache and the like.

Though they may say absence makes the heart grow fonder, never vouch for it. Absence never did make the heart hale and hearty. But don’t lose heart. A change of heart in absence of one may open several more doors leading straight to your heart. And you stand a good chance to steal someone’s heart away with a new vigour. And that would but be a sure shot way to keep your heart ever young and frivolous.

And always strive to keep that heart attack at bay. Keep away from tensions, worries, troubles, shock, envy, hatred, stress, trauma, and anything that is negative for this little thing that pumps blood and takes to heart anything that brings it pain.

And to top it all, never be heartless. God forbid, if you really be just that! What would you be without a heart? Just a soul gone all wrong. With a heart that isn’t soft and silky but hard as stone and labeled stone-hearted.

And therein rest the matters of the heart.

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