How to be the mature one in a couple fight

When you are in a fight with your loved one, your partner, what should you do to become the mature guy who would drive the fight to a calmer end. Deepak Kashyap the counselor answers that on FB live session

Every couple in a relationship fights and that’s completely fine. But it does not mean that you have got the right to be immature, judgmental or childish. Fighting maturely and making some sense would be good for a relationship but immature fights often lead to issues in the relationship.

Before you blame your other half for his/her any fault or conclude that relationship is not working out, you need to try to understand that learning how to argue is a work in progress and can take a few years to find a balance and flow.

How to be the mature one in a couple fight

Learning how to communicate with your partner and how to argue maturely is something that requires time, effort, and commitment. Everyone has their sensitive trigger points and methods of negotiation. So, when you argue with your partner, you need to be really mature so that you do not heat up the argument more.

How to learn to fight maturely

First of all, you should ensure that you do not fight in front of the people who are not to be involved. And do not ever fight in front of your children it leaves a really bad impact on them. 

Try to see and understand your partner’s point of view and also understand his trigger points are different from yours. In order to calm your partner down while you fight, you need to be calm and listen to your partner. You just need to allow the space for both of you to cool down and have a more positive outcome in the end. That’s how you show your maturity while you get involved in a fight with your partner. 

Watch out the video to get advice from our counsellor, Deepak Kashyap.

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