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What to do when you meet your future MIL the first time

Try out these tricks to stay in the good books of your future in-laws

Meeting your future mother-in-law for the first time can send chills down your spine. It can be a deciding factor of your relationship too! When I met her for the first time, I was very scared and at the same time pretty excited to meet her. I knew it would be a beautiful experience to meet her and this confidence came from my then boyfriend, now my fiancé. We had several things in common. To begin with, both of us liked the colour white. Despite our similarities, we had to go through a long adjustment period, and we are still evolving. But this is not that simple for all of us and there are certain things you can do when you meet her first.

1. Dress up

By dress up, I don’t mean getting dolled up. Make an effort to look good and presentable. Most of us judge people by their outer appearance at first. You may have a golden heart, but if you wear shabby clothes, your heart may get lost in that shabbiness. Also, clean clothes imply that you are a clean and hygienic person. You will win her heart in an instant! Let’s not deny that all mothers do feel this way.

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2. Don’t brag

A lot of girls tend to show off their achievements intentionally or unintentionally. Remember, she wants a daughter-in-law and not a class topper for her son. All the skills you have will eventually come out over time. Her son must have already told her all nice things about you.

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3. Give her a gift

You are meeting her for the first time and also trying to impress her. Then why not give her something that she loves? I knew my mother-in-law loves flowers, so I bought her a few flowers. I did not buy her a huge bouquet, as that would be too much for a first meeting. She might have also felt that I am trying to show her that I earn good bucks.

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4. Don’t talk about your love story

Every mother-in-law has a feeling that you may snatch her son away from her. So, do not talk about anything that makes her feel uncomfortable. She does not need to know where you guys met, who spoke first and how you met. There are chances that you guys met on Tinder, just for a hook-up, and later got serious about each other. She doesn’t need to know all that!

Even before you meet her, your boyfriend would have already given you a heads-up about her likes and dislikes. Take a chill-pill, be yourself and win her over with all that love!

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