Yamini Jain

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Memories….Aaahhhh!!! The pronunciation of word itself presents a vivid slide-show of moments we had spent together, before my eyes. Even though most of the memories with you are rather audible than visual, still they keep appearing, one after another like snapshots. And now when you are gone away, they are even more pleasant to me, bringing a spanking new smile on my face.

They keep crossing my mind every now and then, filling my spirit with special warmth, making my heart a little more tender towards you. I remember reading in my curriculum books that the Egyptians used to construct pyramids, post death of a person to keep them alive in their thoughts. On a kind of comparable note, your memories have kept you not just alive in my mind but also a bit closer. A day without remembering you seems incomplete. Even if it has been almost a decade; hardly any morning has begun without your thought. I still miss you and to be precise your bright presence in my life.

I remember how you flashed those soothing smiles, whenever we crossed each other paths. Those hours of wait in between our subsequent meetings felt like years. How those midnight conversations kept us awake night after night, still there was wholesome freshness on our faces the next mornings. Those roses you gave me are still thriving, not just in my diary but also in my heart. The reminiscences of rains we shared together, still wets me. That first poem I wrote so early, was dedicated to you. Though I wrote many more after that, I still remembered the first one. I remember how everyone appreciated it, how romantic it was and how I concealed from the world that it was meant solely, for you.

They were the best days of my life. And mistakenly, I assumed that they were supposed to remain forever amidst us. Almost very soon I realized how things started varying for worse and miserably this time it was everlasting. It was as if I fall from the loftiest peak into the depths of gorge. And the pain I felt all the way while falling down was awfully intolerable. The shocking recognition, that the best days of my life were not your best days, took away the land beneath. How you disregarded every promise, every word u sincerely said, that u meant, still haunts me.

Vitally there’s a whole compilation of your memories in my mind. I not just treasure them but live with them every day. The deep-dark scars you left on my soul are still screaming for a gentle remedy. Homogeneously, the flowers you blossomed in my heart, though dried, still exist and I water them with the memories your companionship, gave me. They have lost their fragrance and beauty, yet they manage to support me, to help me cope with the unkind reality. I know you won’t come back to water them again but please don’t plant them in anyone else’s heart, over again, if you don’t intend to relish their beauty in eternity.

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