6 men confess – My wife was ‘in the mood’ and this is how I unknowingly killed it

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Confessions by men about ruining their wife’s mood for sex

I said ‘Daddy’s gonna rock you hard’ and my wife started laughing really hard. My overtly sexy voice kind of killed the mood.

Men and women have different reaction to stimuli when it comes to sex. Men need to be physically connected to feel the emotional connection. Women, are just the opposite.

When it comes to being “in the mood”, women need more prep time to feel. Here, we have compiled confessions of men who killed the mood unknowingly. We have being men at their best.

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1. I mentioned my mom

“I unknowingly mentioned how my mother made awesome aloo ke parathe and that we should have it the next morning. My wife was dressed in a new lingerie set. She gave me a look and it was long afterwards that I realised I had killed the mood.”

2. My stinky feet killed it

“I come back from work to find my wife, in a saree, in the kitchen. She asked me to freshen up. But I was tired and sat down on the couch. My wife came to me to ask about my day. She had a slow seductive walk towards me. She sat down beside me and cringed her nose. “Your feet stink. Please go freshen up.” She slowly walked to the kitchen again. I knew I had killed the mood.”

3. I accidentally hurt her

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“While in the middle of a make-out, I tried to turn her over to her side. I couldn’t calculate the distance and while turning accidentally knocked her head on the bed post. She got a little bump and that was it.”

4. Too much conversation

“Once we were watching a dirty movie together. I realised the actor from another movie and told my wife how awesome he really is in that other movie. I kept telling her how he does a few things that I wish I could do and maybe we should try something out. I didn’t realise I had gabbed on and on about him for a few minutes. Few minutes was enough for my wife to go to sleep. When I asked her if she doesn’t want to watch the movie she said “Why don’t you spend some more time admiring the guy?” and went to sleep.

5. A cricket match ruined it

“My wife was starting to give me a blowjob. I muted the match I was watching and let her do me. On the TV, someone was bowled out and that secured a win. I jumped up suddenly, hit my wife in the face with my penis. Needless to say she did not talk to me after that.”

6. When I choked her too hard

“My wife was sitting on my lap and kissing my neck. We like it rough and she asked me to choke her and I did. I choked her too hard and the next few minutes, she was coughing and had to take a shot of her inhaler.”

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