Men Reject Me If I Try To Get Close To Them

I am a single South Indian girl. I feel most men are comfortable being with me when it is a professional or even a personal relationship. But when I take a step further to connect, they are not ready to accept me.

Why do men reject me?

Why do they reject me? How do I deal with this? I am 31 and I am looking for a life partner. How do I accept the rejections? I am getting disheartened. Please help.  

Dear Lady

You seem like a very self-aware and intelligent person. Not many are aware of what exactly they think of or how they feel about a situation.

Think with an open mind

Think with an open mind
Think with an open mind

We can sure feel bad when things don’t go our way and in your case men are not ready to choose you as a partner. Think about this with an open mind. Do you have a preference for the kind of person you want as a partner? I’m sure you do. We all do. Maybe not a written checklist but an idea of what we’re looking for in a person who we wish to be with.  Men would have that too.

Everyone has preferences

Everyone has preferences
Everyone has preferences

Look at it from this perspective, rather than as rejection. Everyone has their preferences and they make a choice based on that. Having an open mind, not meeting people with an expectation of being a life partner but just as a good person, someone you can befriend maybe and have a great time with, can be a few steps towards easing off a bit.

Also, in today’s time’s women are doing so much more than being married. It’s a part of life. So take your time and be patient in finding a good person.

All the best!

Snigdha Mishra


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