Men, we want you to do these 5 things to us in bed

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While adult movies take paramount importance in educating young men and women about anything related to sex, it is highly debatable whether everything we see in porn movies will elevate pleasure in our real lives.

All the men out there, you don’t need fancy moves or positions to make your lady love to enjoy intercourse. Things are simple. We, women, delve into simple pleasures, only if you can execute them right.

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Right rhythm is divine:

It might be blasphemous to use the word ‘divine’ with sex but the right rhythm is divine. You might be all in for the hard and the fast lovemaking, but your lady might not gel so well with it. Finding the right rhythm that suits both of you can be a challenge, but every woman wants her man to set the rhythm which keeps them in an orgasmic zone. A right pace is a steady pace enjoyable for both.

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Verbal contact:

Sex is not just about the actions.

You like it when the women you are having sex with moans and makes noises right?

We feel the same way.

Just like the way your actions get validated by the sweet noises that she makes, your grunts and subtle ‘This is great’ turn her on as well.

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Our clit can be stimulated during sex:

The same goes with our nipples and other sensitive areas.

It is statistically proven that a woman’s clitoris needs to be stimulated for her to climax. Stimulation can do what simple penetration cannot.

So, it might be a wise choice to include sex toys during sex. It is not about your male ego, it is about giving your woman what she needs in the most pleasurable way.

Keeping an eye contact:

While foreplay and rubbing and biting have their place, I believe eye contact is quite underrated. Eye contact connects you with your partner in a heightened emotional way.

Lots and lots of foreplay:

You cannot have enough of it. Women get warmed up a bit slower than men do, so you need to keep the foreplay as good and as long as she wants it for her to be ready. Turning up the foreplay time makes the intercourse time longer as well. The sex gets so much better when she is as aroused as you are and also, dripping wet.

So don’t fall short on the foreplay.

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