Men will be Men!

Handsome man with beard

As they say.. Men will be men! A man can fall in love multiple times because he is a man! And Men are like that. A married man can fall for a spinster, a colleague, a neighbour, a student, friend’s wife, friend’s daughter, even his daughter’s friend! You know love sees no boundaries! Coz ‘Dil to baccha hai ji’! (Childlike at heart). And men are vagabond! Men are Men!

He can sleep with, sorry make love to any other man’s wife, sister, daughter too, coz he is a man, and he loves that woman and has all the right to love her and save her from all the other bad men in her life including her father, brother, fiancée and even husband!

Mind it, he is not hurting any other man’s ego by loving/ sleeping/ touching the other woman, he isn’t hurting his own wife’s sentiments too! Because the men are like that and Men will be men!

But guess what … if someone flirts with his girlfriend, touches his wife, scratch his car, the smallest dot on his favourite shirt or on his mobile phone is the biggest criminal thing on earth! Man can kill for his car, for his cell phone, for his ego if not love. Men will be men!…… read more by clicking on the link below.


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