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“I am getting very less sleep since last few nights,” I complained. Being the darling that he is, my fiance immediately googled for homemade remedies to cure my sleeplessness. “Drink warm milk mixed with turmeric before going to bed every night,” he told me over the phone. “Nope, drinking milk at night makes me constipated the next morning,” I quipped. KK exclaimed, “Ohh, right!”

Five years ago, I wouldn’t have dared to say something like this to KK. Maybe I would have said something lame like “milk at night makes my eyes puffy”…silly! But look at the amount of ease and transparency in our relationship that we share now. I mean talking about bowel movements is in itself very embarrassing for normal people until and unless you are visiting a doctor but here, I was narrating about my crammed tummy to the man of my dreams and he was responding in the most casual tone ever.

I guess every long-term relationship turns into a congenial one in terms of freedom of comfort and reality with every passing year. I mean I would never wake up looking gorgeous or with a fresh breath. And KK knows that.  Almost, all the boyfriends know that. Yet, we try and hide those unisexual and universal flaws from our partners. Especially, women! We get rid of hair from parts of our body that we don’t even know existed (read with rolling eyes because we know it is true). However, once your lover has seen you in your most vulnerable moments, you are good to chill.  At that stage of a relationship, a woman won’t care for eyebrows on fleek or silky legs.

On new year’s eve, KK and I went on a sweet tooth spree. From chamcham to jalebis, we gobbled everything that was approaching our sight.  On one instance, I ate two black jamuns at once. KK was in awe but I hardly cared.  From hogging at old Delhi’s paranthe wali gali to the narrow streets that led us to Karim’s, KK and I had an eventful feasting ceremony to welcome 2017.

Funnily, on that same occasion five years ago, I survived the entire day just feeding on a dessert platter at Barbeque Nation. I was trying to act too fancy, too dainty and portray myself as someone very svelte. In reality, my stomach was growling looking at those array of meat starters. But on that day, making KK fall in love with me more than he already did was much more important than feeding my growling stomach. Such stupidity! Right? As for KK, he was enjoying his one-man buffet. As I said, we women stress much more than our male partners. However, in the present moment, my wobbly bits and love handles are living proof of my avid true love for food. KK handles my blubber whereas I tolerate his indigestion fumes 😀 Definitely, Mister and Miss Congeniality!

I truly understand that once we get into each other’s skin, we become too lazy to appreciate each other’s qualities. Pretty becomes cute, sexy becomes cute too. In fact, everything about each other that was beyond imagination on a first date becomes “cute”. Maybe, that’s why I despise the word cute…haha! But I also believe that a roomy relationship gives way to more constructive criticisms.

If it wasn’t a kindred relationship that I share with my fiance, I would have never worked on my punctuation while writing my blog. He was there to point out my mistakes bluntly. If it wasn’t a compatible relationship that I share with KK, he would have never kept up with my torturous menstrual mood swings. If it wasn’t a transparent relationship that I share with him then maybe I could have never made him get rid of his nail-biting habit. These little things make up love! Getting to know your partner inside out and understanding each other’s idiosyncrasies boost a healthy relationship. A long-lasting one, if lucky maybe forever!

So you (man) let her enjoy “sex and the city” in her baggy pajamas and you (woman) let him enjoy “Dhoni’s helicopter shots” with a flag of India drawn right across his nose.


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