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Modern Day Sisyphus

Sisyphus-Greek Mythology

Anyone who has read the essay “Myth of Sisyphus” by Albert Camus at an influential age would tend to get drawn towards absurdism. Absurdism is prevelant in many spheres of modern day life most of all at work and relationships.

Do you. like Sisyphus, carry on rolling the boulder of a failing relationship up the hill only to watch it roll down again? Do you, like Sisyphus, work on unending presentations only for the boss to bullshit all your efforts? Well.. Never give up.. Remember what Camus says about Sisyphus.. The moment when the boulder comes rolling down, Sisyphus was not upset or broke down. He recognizes that it is his job to move it back again.. So put more effort in that failing relationship.. Put more effort in making more relevant slides for the presentation..

Remember one must imagine Sisyphus to be happy.. And it is this very struggle that defines Sisyphus and makes him a legend..

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