A modern tale of Sita-Lakshmana

Lord Ram, Lakshman & SIta

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(The title of this blog is not intended to hurt any religious sentiments or mislead people. It is just an humble effort to depict my relationship with my brother-in-law).

Growing up, I have witnessed the respectful relationship between my mother and my uncle (dad’s younger brother). Both of them shared a formal dewar-bhabhi relationship. Even my father demonstrated the same respect towards his elder brother’s wife. Even today, my mom refrains from talking too casually to my uncle. There was no over the top friendly vibe between any of these relationships.

Our generation is entirely evolved in a more modern way. Being a 90’s kid, I have experienced all kinds of new changes. From the advancement of human living standards to human relationships, I have seen it all. And as I am referring to changing human relationships, I am talking about the freedom of displaying emotions and love towards this particular person i.e. a brother-in-law.

Back in my school days, my fiancé, his younger brother and I used to attend the same school. We were simultaneously in one standard after another. My fiancé’s brother being the youngest. At that point of time, we were just random kids except, for one instance when during an examination the brother and I were benchmates. A hazy memory tells me that I offered to help the little boy in one or two answers. Long story short, I developed a sweet connection with this junior of mine completely oblivious of the fact that ten years down the line I would become his sister-in-law.

I am engaged and counting days for my imaginary wedding which is not happening anytime soon (waiting for struggling career period to get over). At times, I wonder a lot about this long gap between our engagement and our long over-due marriage. It makes me sad. However, I am happy because my affinity with my future in-laws is amazing! Specially, with the brother-in-law. The relationship between the two brothers is synonymous to Karan-Arjun or Jai-Veeru (the latter weren’t brothers). Their love for each other is pure. I feared that upon my arrival things may not remain the same inbetween them. I wasn’t so sure about my equation with thw brother. But things work out for the best for all of us! Alongwith, being a good younger brother he is also an awesome brother-in-law.

The two of us share an unconventional brother-in-law & sister-in-law bond. We are more like siblings. We pull each other’s cheeks, we hang out together, we discuss about fashion, food and movies, we enjoy pulling each other’s legs etc. I review his dance cover videos, he does the same with my writings. We judge each other’s strengths and weakneses in broad daylight without any form of insincere praise. His biggest quality is that he doesn’t falter from pointing out my mistakes.

Ironically, he has paid me visits more often than my fiancé. I particularly remember one special instance when he drove me to my fiancé’s hometown to meet his parents. That was for the first time I met my in-laws and this little one was present beside me to control my nervousness. He is protective, he is caring and most importantly, he understands me very well.

One funny situation was when he became my complaints and grievances box. My repetitive complaints were mostly against his brother i.e. my fiancé. I know how much he loves his brother so I was waiting to find out what his summation is going to be. Well, he turned out to be a clever young man too who took neither his brother’s or my side. He tactfully avoided the entire situation leaving me embarrassed. It was wrong for me to involve him unnecessarily in our miya-biwi ka jhagda. I learnt my first lesson post -engagement!

Observing the bond that the two of us share with each other, my mother takes a delight in admitting that this is healthy and handy for maintaining a future joint family scenario. It was touching when he explained to me why his choice of a woman will have to be considered and reviewed by his parents, brother and also me. I mean, I am not officially a part of their family and yet, the shower of this much love upon me is too big a deal.

My every little achievement is celebrated by this family. The brother-in-law goes the extra mile to make things extra special for me. I feel blessed because all these little things and small gestures of love makes life worthwhile. The Ramayana beautifully depicts the undying love between Ram and Lakshmana alongwith the admiration of Lakshmana towards Sita. Sometimes, I visualise the three of us as the modern versions of the emotions explained in that mythological epic (refrain from interpreting any scandalous meaning).

My fiance has a dream of living a Rajshri production movie life. A joint family who lives happily ever after! Earlier, I used to laugh it off but of late I am revering to his dream. Why?  B<ecause my brother-in-law is a living example of Rajshri’s Prem. All he needs to do is to find a Preeti to make our family a Hum Saath Saath Hain reality! <

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