Momma’s Poppet

The lady knocked at the gate and a guy working in the garden came and led her inside as she wanted to meet the lady of the house.After half an hour she emerged with the lady of the house and left in her car.Again she came after a week accompanied by her husband and young daughter.She had come with a proposal for her daughter.

The master of the house was a renowned doctor and his son was a lawyer for whom she had brought the proposal.After the pleasantries over,she was introduced to the son.She was amazed as the person working in the garden,who had ushered her inside was the boy in question.The boy in his early thirties,with a balding pate,a slight paunch,his shirt not tucked in his trousers,hair unruly,with a passion for gardening.The lady was taken aback but he belonged to a well known family and was doing well in his career,so she was ready for the match.Her daughter had just completed her masters and was learning the ropes to keep house.

The wedding was a grand affair,attended by the bigwigs of the city.The minute the girl entered her marital home,she was in for a shock.The boy hated going out,so he did not go for a honeymoon.His only passion was gardening .Evenings he spent in accompanying his mother for an evening walk as had been his habit while he was a bachelor.

Woman preparing food in kitchen
The bride stayed indoors and prepared dinner.

After marriage too the same routine was followed while the bride stayed indoors and prepared dinner.He suffered from the Oedipus Complex and was unable to lead a happy married life.His parents supportedhim and mentally tortured the girl.Inspite of all these problems the marriage consummated and a daughter was born.Still no change in his behaviour,the evening strolls continued and the wife was burdened with cooking and looking after the baby single handedly.This continued for five years and the wife sought a divorce.She got the custody of the child,he least wanted to be with his child.

The wife went to live with her parents and procured a job to rear up her child.She felt cheated in life.

The momma’s poppet listened to his mother,she managed another proposal of her own choice and got him remarried.But the marriage lasted only two months and the girl sought divorce.His Oedipus Complex did not go.He was directed by the court to pay alimony to both the ex wives.The father’s image got tarnished and the neighbours did a social boycott.

If the mother would not have interferred and let the son lead an independent life,they would have been saved from these problems.

Parents should let their married children sort their own differences,instead of interferring.



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