Monsoon Special Story: Of Long Drives and Reinventing Romance…

Rajika Malhotra
Romance in monsoon is a very different feeling. A monsoon special story you must read

Nothing can be more romantic than a drive on a rainy day. Everything looks so beautiful. Imagine driving slowly on the highway, Mohammad Rafi singing on the radio, raindrops falling on your car and stopping in the middle of nowhere to sip hot masala tea. All with your better half sitting beside you. Blissful isn’t it? This is my monsoon special story.

Why monsoon is considered a season of romance?

When hubby arrived home early in the evening I suggested a long drive to our farmhouse. He looked horrified at the prospect of driving so far in the rains. He had a bad day at work and was tired. I was not going to let go of my moment of romance in the rain so I coaxed him to relent.

Monsoon is considered a season of romance because you tend to have the urge to do the unlikeliest things in the name of love.

I could have opted for a hot cuppa with my husband sitting at home. But no, I had to go on a long drive and that too a hard one.

How rain affects your mood

At every pothole he would swear, and believe me there were many, but that didn’t deter me from enjoying my drive. I turned on the radio but the traffic and the honking made it barely audible. The husband was getting irritated negotiating the puddles and the metro construction all around. I felt all this mess was literally spilling water on my plans.

I tried to distract him by asking him about his day which seemed to anger him further. A car suddenly came from the right and swished past us splashing muddy water on our windscreen. He swore at the driver furiously while applying the brakes. I thought that was it maybe he would want to turn back.

Romance in monsoon have a very different vibe. A monsoon special story you must read

Rain does great things to the mood Image source

My brains clicked in the rain

Hastily I asked him if he could think of any shayari on rain. Knowing that this wasn’t his forte I burst into one: Kabhi jee bhar ke barasna kabhi boond boond ke liye tarasna, Aye baarish teri aadatein mere yaar jaisi hai.’ Was that a hint of a smile, couldn’t tell.

I turned up the volume of the radio. Gradually we were out in the open and everything seemed so lush green with droplets falling all around.

The music also started cooperating with nature. One after another it belted out great numbers. I began humming along with the song Rimjhim Gire Saawan.

My romantic date idea was not that bad after all

It felt like heaven. He smiled tenderly when I cozied up to him. It was such a wonderful feeling looking at the clouds and staring far away. We stopped at a small stall to have butta (corn).

He opened up about his day, which was not good. The deal he had been working on for days didn’t come through. We laughed uproariously when I reminded him of his first disastrous deal. We drove ahead.

Further on there was a roadblock and we were told to turn around since a massive tree had fallen across the road. We headed home.

Perfect monsoon special romance

dating in a monsoon is very romantic thing. A monsoon special story you must read

Romance in monsoon Image source

I felt a bit bad for making him drive in the pouring rain and with a twinkle in his eyes he said it was worth it.

He said, “How else would I get to hear you sing so beautifully and happily.”

Gosh he is generally so frugal with his compliments, is he getting dotty in his midlife? Or did the rains do this to him? It made my day and I am definitely not going to analyze it. The rains have a way with your mood and let it be always like this.

I had an adventure designed for pure romance. Intimacy and monsoons are made for each other. As someone said, ‘some people feel the rain, others just get wet.’

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