Struggles and Scars

My mother is my best friend even after my marriage

My mother is more important to me than my wife even if it means separating from my wife
Mother and son

(As told to Debashish Majumdar)

Right from my very childhood, my parents meant everything to me. Especially my mother. She chose my friends, decided on my eating habits and decided on my extracurricular activities. I never found it necessary to challenge my mother’s decisions in life.

When I chose a career, my mother told me that I should become a doctor. I could take care of my ageing parents at some time of their lives. I stuck by my mother’s decision and became an ophthalmologist. Finally, when it came to choosing a wife, my mother accompanied me to the girl’s house. She was a highly qualified child specialist. I was excited, as I was sure that when we went for kids, she’d make a great mother. Again, it was my mother’s choice. She had chosen the woman of my life.

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  1. I have never heard of such idiot mother son duo. Thank good the girl had sense to leave you and go abroad and best not have your possibly psychic offspring. And as far as your mother is concerned, she only comes across as a sadist moron in your story. Your life is a total disaster. How do you breath? Does she even control how many times you pee and poop….

  2. Bhai yo tune shadi kyu kari thi maa k pallu se hi bandh kar rheta aur kya claim kar rha hai tu ki tu medical se hai… Are to tuje samaj nhi aaa rha kya tu aur teri ma dono pagal hai psychiatric ki help chahoye tum dono ko… Ma se hi shadi kar leta kisi ki life kyu kharab kari… Achchi wife mili hogi jo usne kuchh kara nhi varna tere jese ke to court me le jakar ma bete dono ki ijjat utarni chahiye… Bevkoof.. Get lost… Mar jao kahi jakar dharati par boj hai tum jese log…. Pity on your mother n u… Feeling really good ki teri wife ko samaj aa gaya ki tu bahot badha chutiya hai aur usne decision liya apne career ko lekar..

  3. Seriously ?? Do guys like you exist ? Do mothers like yours exist ?? You have a mental problem bro !! Grow up or go to a therapist to help you out.

    1. Exactly… He n his mother both is having psychiatric problem or may be they have strong oedipus complex…. I really have never seen such a worst person in my life n that too is doctor…. Ridiculous…..

  4. Mothers can never be so selfish.. is she your real mother?? It seems so dramatic and you are such an emotional educated fool!! You spoilt that girls life. Good she left you..I pray she gets settled in life soon..

  5. Such a waste of person you are ,who doesn’t understand marriage is a beautiful step forward towards making a new family of your own and you took it for granted and made your wife’s life hell , how could any girl think of having a baby with such a coward and Mama’s boy , you such a looser who need to grow up 🙆🏻‍♀️
    Who really takes his mother to honeymoon ?????? Are you mad?? and hell of a thing was you made her stay in the same room and ruined your wife’s most beautiful and imaginary night.
    People like you should not marry . Surely Mum’s are important people in life who gave you life but it doesn’t mean she will make the hell out of her son’s life by poking her nose like anything.
    Dude you need some counselling to understand relationship’s.

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