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My Mother My Expert, My Relationship Counsel

My mother remains my go to person for all problems. Everytime I face a situation, I believe that if I tell her, everything will be alright.

A form of unburdening my troubles on her, without any thought that I would be burdening her with my own troubles.

For me, my mom is the strongest person. Stronger than I believe her to be. My heart knows that if I have a problem, no matter what, if I tell her, she will find a way out for me. It scares me to think that the same expectation will be from me for my children and I may fail, unlike her.

Today, as I struggle with my weight, the first lesson I remember is-

Take a bowl and eat. Do not eat straight from the jar. You will not have control. MY FIRST PORTION CONTROL LESSON indeed.

She taught me etiquette.

Do not load your plate in one go. Go for seconds. BUFFET MANNERS!

She taught me to treat my children as priority.

Forget drinking water and eating when the children are crying for a feed! WHEN THE INTEREST IS OF BIGGER INTEREST THAN THE PRINCIPLE!

She taught me to stay calm and collected in the face of adversity.

Be quite. Do not answer back. Just hear them out. LESSONS IN PATIENCE AND TOLERANCE.

She taught me basic life hacks.

Baking a quick cake, making fluffy parathas, tenderising meat.

MY FIRST COOKING CLASSES WERE AT MY MOTHER’S SIDE, overlooking her shoulders and observing what she does. Even today when I grind garam masala or cook jackfruit, I call her to get the recipe!

She taught me to respect and be helpful.

Everytime we went to people’s home, she ensured that we siblings cleared empty plates, helped in the kitchen and were generally useful. We hated it that time but today I realise that it was a character building exercise that I did not appreciate that time.


She taught me to appreciate family. Whether it meant going to visit family and not making excuses to stay back at home or going for summer vacation. She made memories for us and ensured we appreciated the same.


She ensured we were independent yet kept a close eye on us. Today, she tends to mother us and do things for us and sometimes holds back from giving her opinion and I appreciate it even more because being a mother, it is difficult to let go and watch others fail. She points out my mistakes, never blindly supports me and most importantly knows what it takes to make a marriage work. She is my first relationship counsel, I reach out to her when I am upset and she teaches me to have patience.

I have seen her always be good to people, to help other whether they treat her in the same fashion or not. She has won hearts with her patience and not by rebellion and this is what she teaches me.

My mother is my conscience keeper, teaching me what is right and what is not and she remains my inspiration and provides me life quotes, some funny, some profound, both varieties being extremely important in life!!

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