Mothers alike Soldiers

mother and child at beach in sunset

Hello Readers,

As we all know Mothers Day is celebrated every year. This year also on 14th may, we will definitely celebrate the special day of special person who is none other than God to us.

Yes!The day is a celebration of mothers and the maternal bond and traditionally children give flowers, presents and cards to their mothers, and other maternal figures such as grandmothers, stepmothers and mothers-in-law.

Mothers are a very beautiful and kind creatures by God. Not every girl get this opportunity that they can hear ‘Maa’ from her child.

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Truly speaking, Mothers are a form of God, who can do anything. They are a tree in the burning sun which gives shelter, they are an umbrella in heavy rain which save from being wet, they are like soldiers on the border of our nation who protects us from battles at every moment and gives their own lives for the citizens of our country.

Nothing can stop a mother from showing her heart out for her child, not the religion, not the colour and not even the gender. Mothers are selfless for their child. They can survive themselves without food but won’t let their child hungry.

I have seen my mom, how she was sacrificing for me and my brother.

Now, I am seeing my mother-in-law how she is listening to her children even after children marriage.

It is really unbelievable that mothers can do anything for their Child. They keep their child safely like a soft cotton in their hands.

Mothers teach their child, since they are grown, about the good and bad around the country. She gives good habits. She educate her child for the better future.

In short, she does a lot no matter what.

I remember, Kargil War which took place in 1999 in the month of may- july. Seveare war between India and Pakistan. There were several mothers who lost their lives. Two women pilots lost their lives. Many mothers lost their child in that battle.

You won’t believe, it’s impossible to imagine their condition. Mothers give birth to a child after keeping 9months inside their womb and when she comes across the news that she has lost her child, she is dead almost. She never comes out of that shock because they really care and do alot for for children. Mothers happiness are related to their children. When a woman becomes a mother, people feel proud and lucky for that woman as they give birth to a God, like a God.

Even after doing alot, sometimes she does not get the value and respect accordingly. I request every children to respect and value their mother, as they are God for them. We children comes from our mother after giving her alot of pain for 9months and even after that. So, before disrespecting them, once think about the children who are starving mothers more than food. You are lucky to get mother. Not child on this earth has such a beautiful creature with them.

Mothers are someone who cannot be replaced ever. They are one and only one who can understand our feelings whether it is Good or bad.

So, it is not just a Mothers Day but it is a day to salute all women for their strength of handling pain and sacrifices.

Hats off to all mothers!!


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