Affair and Cheating

Here’s a movie that made us question the meaning of both life and love

Despite familiar figures, the film Arth has new insights to offer on love and life
arth movie

A landmark love story of Indian cinema is now remade in Pakistan – Mahesh Bhatt’s Arth. Not many would consider the movie a love story – yet it is. Because it peels through the gloss of romance to an essence of love which few movies have managed to explore well. Love and security, or perhaps in this case, insecurity. Arth has also been touted as a feminist masterpiece, giving a woman the choice to live her life on her own terms, even if the circumstance leading to the choice itself was not her choosing. But I find a millennial like myself to not be a true voice to the generation that this movie shaped. So I sat with a group of women fabulously in their 50s and above to discuss the many themes this movie explores – love, the other woman, the meaning of life.

(Warning: Spoilers ahead)

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