Movies that have shown love differently

Love is what Bollywood has taught us. Songs in meadows and trees, Raj’s love, butterflies in the stomach, violins playing in the background, secret glances and love is a feeling that is just incomparable. This is the cliché love in Bollywood but there are movies that have shown love differently.

True, Bollywood movies have always set many couple goals and we have idolized many B-town couples and considered them the perfect pair. From Shah Rukh Khan to Varun Dhawan, these actors have been the heroes of romance on screen. 

Bollywood movies that have shown love differently

But there are some love stories of Bollywood that really stand out from the usual lovey-dovey movies and are unconventional love stories.

These movies are made to defy convention and break away from the usual romantic movies and take a new stand on what love can be. It’s always great to watch something different and unexpected and be a part of something that stands out from the crowd.
Movies like <Cheeni Kum and Aligarh< are unconventional romantic stories and these movies are great to watch as it depicts something different.

No typical drama, no cliché endings!

There are several filmmakers who like to give their audience something challenging and experience that would stay with them for a long period of time even after the movie gets over.
The movies that have been presented in the video are not the usual romantic movies but these are movies with twisted tales and give you a real peek into love. These movies show all kinds of people in love in all kinds of situations.

Don’t miss out on these movies if you haven’t watched them. These are some thought-provoking dramas that you should definitely watch!

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