Mrs Samantha Akkineni cooks for hubby Naga Chaitanya and we are already love struck

samantha and naga chaitanya

It has been a month since the Chay-Sam wedding but we can still see the love in the air. Mrs Akkineni hasn’t forgotten her other family – her fans, and has also included them in her journey after marriage.

Samantha is very active on social media and keeps sharing little snippets of her married life. For example, she proudly flaunts her new home in a series of Instagram pictures.

Samantha has already started giving daughters-in-law around the world some major jealousy burns.

Who wouldn’t love to be welcomed in such a sweet manner? Clearly, Samantha loves every bit of her married life.

So after all the love and warmth Samantha received from the Akkinenis, she felt it was time to return some of the love. And guess who was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of it? Naga Chaitanya, of course.

Mrs Akkineni put on her cooking apron and decided to surprise Chay with his favourite dish of Basa fish.

home made food
Samantha Akkineni cooks for hubby

Samantha’s shooting was cancelled and that’s when the cooking idea struck her. In a jocular manner she captioned her status picture – “Didn’t over cook didn’t under cook… no one died yassss!”

Earlier Samantha had said, “I am very lucky to have a boyfriend like Akkineni Naga Chaitanya, who knows cooking and so doesn’t need to learn it.”

Although Samantha is equally lucky to have a husband who cooks (every wife’s dream) we are happy to see that she too is getting into the adorable wife and chef role.

More love to this adorable couple.


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