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My mum ill-treated my wife despite all that she did for her

His mother always found fault with her and mistreated her, but how did she react?
My Wife's Support and Understanding

When I got married to a jovial, pretty and down-to-earth girl, my mother was very disappointed. She was unhappy that my wife belonged to a middle-class family. Mother was jealous and possessive. She wanted us to take her along on our honeymoon! I somehow managed to keep her at bay.

My mother insisted my wife must adjust to her ways. My wife was a convent educated girl and yet my mother would lie to relatives and our neighbours that she belonged to an ordinary background and she had uncouth habits.

Whenever my wife returned home from work, my mother would insist that she should rush to the kitchen and make her tea and tiffin, despite the maid. And then make the beds for the family and cook dinner. All this without a break, after the nearly two-hour commute by bus! My wife is an excellent cook. Yet my mother always seemed to find fault with her cooking. My mother is a glib talker and she could fabricate lies with a very innocent face. She would often tell my father that my wife was at fault. My father was a short-tempered man and without even trying to find out the truth, he would often flare up at my wife.

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  1. Hats off to this lady. I don’t know how she managed to remain so patient and calm. But what I feel is the guy should have taken a stand and he should have made an effort to make his mom understand about his wife.

  2. It relatesto my story, the only difference is even my husband is not supportive as like the guy on the story. The basic of all this is mother-in-law will be a mother-in-law, she can never be a mother. Once she made up her mind to dislike
    she would never like no matter how much ever we treat her good.

    1. How is he supporting dear, he is just a silent spectator to the entire debacle and then instead of taking a stand and mustering up the courage to speak about this to his mother, he pens it down as a blog, to let out his steam……that’s not support, that’s escape……

  3. The lady realy loved her husband that help her to face all the hell from her mother in law.

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