My 10 Golden Rules of Marriage

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Though the following algorithm is humour, when it comes to marriage, it is always true. The algorithm is:

Step I – Your Boss is always right.

Step II – If you have doubt, go back to Step I.

So decide who the boss in your marriage is, and then follow the algorithm. Jokes apart, Marriage is said to be equity in partnership. The following are the golden rules for happy and successful marriage.

1. Respect each other and respect each other’s parents. If you respect your spouse’s parents, then you will get respect from your spouse.

2. Freedom – Allow your spouse a freedom to fulfil his/her hobbies. Let them party or get together with their friends. If possible, join them often. Let your spouse enjoy holidays alone or with their family once in a while.

3. Share – Share the household burden as well as social responsibilities.

4. Plan – Plan your finances and future aspiration together.

5. Enjoy the professional success of your spouse.

6. Be appreciative of his/her unique skills and talent and help to sharpen it.

7. Consensus – Rather than forcing the decision, involve in decision making and reach to mutually agreeable solution.

8. Surprise – It can do wonders once in a while and keep them guessing.

9. Support – Support him/her against the family and the world when you know that s/he is right.

10. Sex – Let sex, romance, and lust never go out of your relationship equation.


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