My best friend

Author Ramendra and wife

Simply gorgeous to look at

Her singing ,

a euphonious melody,

who else can it be, dear reader,

other than my ‘not-so-fair’ lady.

She has a great sense of humour

She laughs at jokes

I don’t even tell,

For shopping she takes me to places

which look straight out of Dante’s hell.

Gardening is her passion


interior decoration her hobby,

sadly with all these distractions

she has little time for her precious hubby.

She can talk on any topic

she can converse on any theme,

She sometimes gives me nightmares

but most often she is my dream.

At work she is the leader

At home the undisputed boss,

But without her I know

My life would have gone for a toss.

She gave my being a purpose

And the much needed stability,

And above all she made me realize

in many areas

my lack of ability.

Every time I tried to change her

I found I had changed instead,

Every time I tried to lead her

I realized it was I who was being led.

Even now when I start to float

she brings me to the ground

Whenever I lose my bearings

She makes sure they are quickly found.

In my life I have had many friends

But I’ll never find like her, any other

Yes, dear reader, my best friend

is my kids’ darling mother.


Readers Comments On “My best friend”

  1. Ramendra Sir ??..It’s sounded …as if you stole my thoughts on my wife ?. The lucid words & poetic articulation makes you a HERO . Best wishes & God bless you & Madhavi

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