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My best holiday taught me to rise in love

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Holidays. Huhhhh!

Don’t get me wrong folks. I am not some cold-hearted lady looking at life like a skeptic.

Just that amid all the “wows and oohs” of marriage last year, we somehow forgot to plan the honeymoon. Yes yes, our families did the tradition. They booked the “best” package and all. Nevertheless, one look at the same and me and hubby were left sulking. We somehow had other dreams that did not gel with the package gifted.

Not that we are snobs, we are picky. Having got married a decade post our relationship, we had a fundamental right to be choosy.

Amid all the chaos and conflicts, we tried getting our families to understand that we wanted something else but thanks to the big-hearted (read—big-mouthed) Punjabi background at play, nothing materialized.

We packed our bags with the sexiest stuff I had dreamed of wearing somewhere around Gold Coast. Our flight was cramped with the limitations of leg-space while my mind was cramped with our inability to plan our first trip post-marriage better.

We landed in Amritsar. While I love the place, and the Sikhni in me scores real high a mark, somehow I did not think of the place to be the kick start point for our honeymoon.

The dust of Punjab, the potholes of the main roads in Amritsar and the weight of our luggage all seemed disgusting once we boarded the cab to our hotel. Our room was perfectly done up to the honeymooning theme. The hormones worked just right but then I realized we have to somehow complete the trip and plan another proper honeymoon abroad ASAP.

Our activities and a quick shower later, I donned a sequined silk suit with the chunni sitting perfectly on my head- reverse gear into desi mode.

It was 6 30 P.M. and we reached the shoe counter to deposit our footwear. Reverence reigned high but not romance. I was still a bit miffed.

But then, the cold water touched my feet as I stepped into the southern entrance of our revered Harminder Sahib, Golden Temple Amritsar.

I stood still. Hubby poked me, “Chalo, what happened? “

I was frozen. Something hit me hard. The mere lighting, the reflection of the gold dome onto the Amrit Sarovar, made me freeze from within. This was magical. I felt I belonged here and that my honeymoon had to start here. I was meant for this.

No I did not want to give up all worldly desires and turn saintly but I did feel that if heaven could be captured within boundaries where Gods reside, it has to be here, here and here.

I forgot Gold Coast, I forgot the surf and sands. I simply remembered to thank God that he conspired to bring me here. I found my honeymoon bliss, my holiday high.

I realized that my prayers over a decade to Wahe Guru for getting me hitched to my sweetheart were answered but between the ceremonies and excitement, I never thanked him properly. Perhaps, I was here to rightfully say, thank you to my God out there.

Amritsar was the best holiday for me and nothing could be like it ever. We cancelled other itineraries and stayed here for three whole days and nights. We did not party, we did not dine. We had langar, we had Kara Prashad and we relished the Kirtan.

We thanked God for letting us know true love and we promised to try taking one yearly trip to his abode. My best holiday will forever be this one since it gave me a jolt of realization that my love was special and the Universe conspired to unite me forever with my ‘SO.’

Power to love. Power to faith. Power to gratitude.

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  1. Oh this brought tears to my eyes.Love is Gods best blessing .Would you believe I went to.Vrindavan and Mathura a fee months after marriage .Beautiful post.

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