As a young girl i hated the idea of cooking.To wield the pen instead of the laddle was my forte.Mom had a tough time trying to convince me to learn the cooking skills,which would help me in the future.I loved good food,mom was a superb cook but making myself cook was a herculean task.Her preachings fell on deaf ears.Least i could do was whip up an omlette,make a cup of tea and maggi.It looked like sheer domesticity to be in the kitchen,cooking and serving, the family.For me it was a chemistry experiment which could be done in a jiffy and not so bothersome as my mom did.

Soon  after my studies got over,i tied the knot.My hubby too turned out to be a foodie and expected well cooked,home food.Now came the time for the test,i was confident of whipping up a sumptuous meal within no time.

As hubby had to leave for a training soon after marriage,i was instructed by my m.i.l to prepare the first meal as a newly wed.She left me in the kitchen,with the spices,cereals,flour etc.Instead of plain fare,i decided to go for a gourmet spread.It was Italian pasta,fried rice,an indian dessert.

I donned the kitchen apron and with the idea’Getting into a man’s heart is via the stomach’ i started work.I had a cook book ,no mobiles or u tube was there to give me a demo.

woman cooking
Woman cooking vegetables

There was no one to help or ask as M.I.L had shooed everyone away from the kichen.They all were enconsed on sofas in the living room ,waiting for the meal.I envied my hubby chilling away in front of the idiot box while i sweated in the kitchen.Not adept at vegetable chopping,i cut my finger while chopping the onion for the pasta.I screamed in pain to see blood gush from my finger,hearing my cry hubby rushed and applied antiseptic but i had to complete my cooking as M.I.L scowled at my carelessness.

Putting on a brave face i started,somehow chopped the veggies,meanwhile i had put the pasta to boil and i had forgotten.Word Al dante had slipped from my mind,it was overdone.Anyway,i made a sauce and immersed the pasta in it.Now for the fried rice,i could not understand translucency of onions,so i caramellised them.After adding the other veggies to the onions,added lots of soya sauce to flavour it.I tasted,it did not give the restaurant taste but nothing could be done.Making these two dishes had taken me two hours while the family grumbled as their stomachs rumbled with hunger.I just told them in half an hour meal would be served.The dessert was tricky,a bread and rabri dessert,which wouldn’t thicken as milk i had used was skimmed.I overfried the bread and just poured the mixture on the bread,plating it with nuts and tutti fruiti.Laid the table and called them and waited with bated breath as the tasting started a La Master Chef.They ate in silence,with hubby manfully digging into the pasta,while M.I.L snorting at the salty and caramellised rice.My F.i.l and B.i.l both having sweet tooths tried the dessert which looked like a gooey mess,sugar less,bread overfried and the nuts swimming in the liquid.They looked aghast that my knowledge regarding culinary skills was nil.

I had made a fool of myself in front of my new family,my mother’s words rung in my ears,she had said every girl should know cooking.I had not heeded and i  had made myself a laughing stork.

Soon i learnt the culinary art and today i can boast of a palatable meal.



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