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As of now when I think about my favourite place to holiday with my partner, or when he asks me the same, the usual answer I give at this point is – anywhere I am with you is my favourite place , because it’s the company that matters for me and not the place.

But as it is mentioned in the contest link that we need to specifically mention the city or country where we would like to holiday with our partners, I took a deeper dig into my thoughts and they took me back to my college times.

The times when I used to live in Pune for my postgraduate studies and the time when I was SINGLE.

The weather there was awesome as compared to our Delhi weather and we used to go for trips to nearby places with our group of friends to enjoy our weekends.

The places were – Hilltop near our college on the regular evenings and the beautiful mountainous LONAWALA, LAVASA and KHANDAALA on the longer weekends.

We used to take a hired cab for these trips and the scenes that I still remember are the pathways that were decorated with natural fountains getting out from nowhere.

The slowly showering rains and the beautiful romantic weather always made me dreamt about my trip with my dream boy.

“Irony here was that I was single at that time. LOL!!”

“Though I had already met my present husband before that time, I was not in touch with him in anyway during these three years.”

Whenever I went there, my wishes took me to the place where I could be seen getting wet with my partner in that romantic weather, those natural fountains and relishing that hot but sweet corn being sold by the side of the road in that rain showers.

Now when I have married to the man of my dreams, I am far away from that beautiful place, busy in my office, writing this as my dream.

But yes, My life is beautiful, as beautiful as those scenes that I wanted to visit with him.

The places can be visited for one or two days but if the life is beautiful you can cherish it every single day.

We cherish road side chaat that we both love by our hearts, we enjoy our weekends with bike trips to anywhere in the city, we go to at least a single new place every weekend or sometimes after 10-15 days, we enjoy teasing each other calling each other fat after those midnight hunger bites.

I am lucky to have him in my life.

Certainly, will take him to these places one day and tell him how he was not there but was always present in my bygone days.


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  1. Divyansh Tripathi

    That’s the human mind and life. We crave what we don’t have, and life gives us one joy but takes away another! Perhaps you’ll be lucky and have whatever you desire

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