My Experience as an Amateur Matchmaker

Today, I will tell how is it like to be an Amateur Matchmaker. In matching 3 couples, I would like to tell my experience help all of you that how you can help your friend if he/she wants to be for dating or relationship.But first I want to tell basic things how it would work.Not the exact process I have gone through but it is similar.

This is all about you being an amateur matchmaker. This is not about being professional or anything. You should be courteous and decent enough that what you want for you and your friend.

So, let us begin by telling how you can be a matchmaker. Matchmakers are not some kind of Harry Potter Wizards. They bring together and see if there is a spark between you two. Many of the times matchmakers do not get acknowledged or rewarded. Much like a superhero/superheroine everyday life.

I think of two ways either you could do sly way or open method. The method you choose should be based on the preference of your friends. Everyone likes their future partners served up in different ways. Finding the right way to introduce is just as important as finding the right partner to introduce. How you find out your friend’s preference is your choice and, most times, a simple question will not be deemed too intrusive – especially if your friend has suggested they are looking for a partner.

Trust me in this case, if this spark does not happen the first time between your friends, don’t give up easily. If you still feel there is a slight chance of happening spark again, GO FOR IT. In the case of the sly method, if nothing happens, then forget about it. And try not to get caught.

If you really want to match up with you friend to another friend, you could always start asking like ” What do you think about her/him?” but I know it is risky even in sly mode. Don’t go Inception mode where you try to plant an idea into the mind like Is she/he nice, hot or sexy? etc etc.

If you friend tells you that yes she/he is good looking and all then meeting would be the little opposite of it.

If you are in sly mode then do not tell anyone even your partner.Before attempting, to think about them whether they are looking for dating and all. You might get away with the sly mode. But if you are making slight connections that you are bringing them together make sure you have consulted to being introduced. There is nothing worse than being told to take an interest in someone when that someone isn’t interested.


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