My friend is in a relationship with a married man

I am worried that my friend has a harmful dating pattern
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I am asking this question on my friend’s behalf. She is single and is having an affair with a married man. That man has a loyal wife and two kids. She already has had two affairs before this. Both those relationships failed, as it was only for fulfilling sexual desire under the guise of love. This man, even though he loves his wife and has a perfect family, still says to my friend that he loves her. The affair is 2.5 years old. Whenever my friend says no to sex, he abuses her and compares her with his wife. (His wife also knows about the relationship and she obviously is against it. But my friend and that guy, both talk to each other secretly. He still wants to have sex with her. He says he loves her ‘so much’. Meanwhile, my friend has denied the affair in front of his wife.

When my friend asked him for a solution, the man did not have one. He said, you decide and then what not drama happens. My friend of mine loves him, and does not want to ruin his family and wants to save her own life too. Please suggest what I can do. Also if she is constantly dating only married men, is this some kind of pattern? Waiting for your view on this.

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Avani Tiwari says:

Hello Friend,

Your friend needs professional help urgently. If this is the

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What to do when you fall for a married man

I didn’t want to be his dirty little secret

When my friend was in a relationship with a married man

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