My friend-with-benefits might get engaged

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I am in a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship wherein I have started sudden splurge of love for him. He might get engaged soon. I want to handle this practically and in an emotionally balanced manner too.

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Prachi Vaish says:

A friends with benefits relationship usually ends up confusing things for at least one partner, often for both. The high of the sex, combined with the emotional intimacy, can be a very potent combination and truly speaking, it IS a form of love (the scary word!) In your case, since he is getting engaged and if he is keen on the new relationship, I’d suggest that you start a de-addiction program from this relationship. If you hadn’t been feeling this surge of love, it would have been less complicated. But now that you recognise that you are, I suggest you explore dating again, just for fun for starters. So that you have a buffer when it starts to hurt, and I won’t tell you it won’t hurt.

Another option is that you let him know how you feel clearly. I understand there’s a risk of scaring him away, but what if he too is thinking the same thing but not coming forth because of the same fear? If you think it’s worth a chance, take it!

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