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My hero, Bikerman

Forest pathway

When I was little

My mother said

It was pilots who ruled the world

I was fascinated, enchanted

But not by pilots

It was bikers I liked instead

Because they were easy

And always had their heads held high


I met Bikerman by fate

In a world so full of hate

He was mystical

My true pal

When I got weary, he carried me away

And as the road got bumpy

On his brawny shoulder

My arms I laid


My hero

Diligent, dashing, debonair

He took me on his adventure ride

I felt free from all despair

He sensed danger

And stopped mid-way

I wanted to see the other side

But he thought I would be afraid


He said it was a mistake

Then one forlorn day

As I asked him why

Without a word

He drove far away

I knew, he did not tell a lie to me

I believed in Bikerman

But he never believed in me

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