My Hubby – before and after marriage

Marriage Ceremony

The Internet is flooded with so many memes. We read them, give a chuckle and move on. However, you may not see the humor in it while you are going through those phases of your married life. But after sometime when your relationship gets predictable you start thinking about how funny every situation can be. I have been happily married for the last 13 years, so just thought of doing an appraisal for my dearest husband. We dated for almost 6 years before tying the knot. However today I feel, I am living with a totally different human (our views are well accorded when it comes to this) I am aware of the “Change is the only constant” theory, but how can one’s personality be so antithetical to his own past, is what amazes me? Wonder how many will empathize?

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  1. You have written a completely true things…I do agree with your thoughts of before marriage and after marriage and also believe that our life and time is so precious more than I m enjoying it to the fullest whatever the circumstances are ..Ha Ha Ha

  2. I can so very muh relate ….typical situation in every Indian household but ya things go messy …when it’s a lovely marraige and you face all this

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