My Hubby – before and after marriage

Jayshree Vk
Marriage Ceremony

The Internet is flooded with so many memes. We read them, give a chuckle and move on. However, you may not see the humor in it while you are going through those phases of your married life. But after sometime when your relationship gets predictable you start thinking about how funny every situation can be. I have been happily married for the last 13 years, so just thought of doing an appraisal for my dearest husband. We dated for almost 6 years before tying the knot. However today I feel, I am living with a totally different human (our views are well accorded when it comes to this) I am aware of the “Change is the only constant” theory, but how can one’s personality be so antithetical to his own past, is what amazes me? Wonder how many will empathize?< Things he said before marriage Vs Things he said after marriage: Before: “ Hi, is there a problem? May I help? After: “ That’s hardly a problem, you can handle it” Before: “ Wow! you look great today” After: “ Do you really want to wear that?” Before: “ You are so smart, so focused” After: “ Stop being over smart, you have no Idea what you are doing” Before: “ I will travel the world with You” After: “ Do I have to accompany you to the PTM?” Before: “ I wish I met you earlier” After: “I wish we would have never met” Before: “ I can move mountains for you” After: “ Can you move this pile off my desk?” Before: “ I will sacrifice anything for you” After: “ No, I will not increase the AC temperature.” Before: “ I Love you so much” After: “ ya ya me too” Things he did before marriage Vs Things he did after marriage: Before: He rides 50 kms in the night just to give me a Disprin, at my hostel. After: He is invariably late for all the doctor’s visits during my pregnancy. Before: Took me out to places I had never been before, with full enthusiasm. After: Takes me to a place after a lot of persuasions, with a running commentary on the traffic situation. Before: He is all set to impress my side of the family After: He is all set to avoid my side of the family. Before: He took all the punishments that his seniors gave him in return for one letter from me. After: Several of my messages go unnoticed. Before: He would travel two hours to spend just half an hour with me. After: I have to add ten- ten minutes to make that half an hour, only because ad-breaks are the only time he can afford to spare. Before: He used to spend months planning my birthday surprise. After: He is surprised that I am asking for a gift all though I have his credit card. Before: He would apologize even if it wasn’t his fault. After: Feels offended to apologize. Before: Will do things without even asking After: Will do things after I have given up asking. Before: I was the most important girl in his life. After: He keeps his two princesses above the world. So that’s my husband’s balance sheet with his past and present. Yes, many things have changed, but the love we have for each other, hasn’t changed, we just express it differently now. Hoping to have a profitable mid-life review soon.

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Paras patrl February 4, 2018 - 2:57 pm

You have written a completely true things…I do agree with your thoughts of before marriage and after marriage and also believe that our life and time is so precious more than I m enjoying it to the fullest whatever the circumstances are ..Ha Ha Ha

Krishna vadher February 4, 2018 - 1:06 pm

I can so very muh relate ….typical situation in every Indian household but ya things go messy …when it’s a lovely marraige and you face all this

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