My husband and I are about to divorce because of his mother

His mother doesn't respect me and he doesn't see that.
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Hello, Prachi ma’am!

I have been married since 6 and half years and I have kids. My mother-in-law turned crazy ever since we got married. She has only one son and his father passed away a long time ago. She was quite jealous since the beginning and since then we have had tonnes of problems. But the issue is that my husband never sees her mistakes. For him it is always me who is the wrong person, not his mother. Every time we have big fights because of her and he never does anything to make her aware of what she is doing. She doesn’t respect me at all and my husband never sees that. Now we are about to divorce because of her. What do I do?

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Prachi Vaish says:

Dear About-to-divorce,

I’m sorry you have had to go through something like this. But what I am thinking

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  1. A husband who won’t understand his wife as against his mother, may not agree to counseling sessions, since they are still considered taboo in most places. So I ask you, what can she do if this happens ??

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