My husband is asking me and our baby to leave the house

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My married life is about 3 years old and we have an 11-month-old baby. My husband is nowadays always blaming me and not wanting to stay with me anymore. Also, he threatens me that he will commit suicide and for that, I will be responsible. Also, he raises his hand to me. Recently he has started telling me to leave the house. What do I do?

Prachi Vaish says:

Dear Payal,

I’m sorry you are going through such difficult times. From what you have described, [restict]it appears that he is playing some kind of abuser mind games with you. This is known as emotional abuse. You have mentioned that he is also physically hurting you. However, this kind of situation can also come about due to certain mental illnesses. Has he been like this from the beginning of this is a sudden recent development? If it’s sudden and without any reason, you might want to look at the possibility of mental illness in him. If this is not the case, was this marriage against his wishes or under family pressure? That could also explain his behaviour.

Another possibility is that he could have someone else in his life. I suggest you explore all these options. Because abusers usually use control tactics and don’t push their victims to leave like your husband is doing. They instead try to keep their victims financially dependent, and emotionally hooked so they can never leave. Since in your case, he’s pushing you to leave, there must be something else at play. I hope you can find out the reasons and find a solution. Otherwise, we’re always here to help once you discover the real reasons.

Take care,

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