My husband is cutting me off socially

Woman Getting Abused

Q: My husband does not want me to talk to my Dad and my brother at all. I am not allowed to visit my home and meet my family. I am not allowed to visit any family functions on my side of the family. I am only allowed to talk to my mother and grandmother and allowed to meet them outside once in 3 months. He has in the past abused me many times verbally and physically. Please help.

A: Hi there, it must feel terrible to be a prisoner like this in your own home. And unfortunately, this is a reality for a lot of women out there. How do your parents feel about this situation? Are they willing to support you if you rebel? If yes, I’d say make full use of it, confide in them completely and ask them to intervene confidently. If not, then enlist the help of a friend, supportive neighbour or family member and seek legal counsel. I wish I could tell you different but abusive husbands and domineering families like this allow very little scope for a change of heart because they don’t realise they are doing anything wrong in the first place. Legally, however, you do have rights and there are lots of support options available. I suggest you ask the lawyer in the Bonobology team for more information. I wish you good luck!

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