I Am A Doctor, My Husband Shouts Like A Monster And In-Laws Are Greedy

her husband shouts at her like a monster

I am married and I am a doctor. My husband is also a doctor. His parents are in the medical profession too but they are very greedy people and are tormenting me constantly. They keep pointing out wrong things about my character to my husband and are poisoning his mind. They tell him, “Your wife talks to every kind of people and parties with them.” My character and self-respect are everything to me and it really hurts me when they speak like that.

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My Husband Shouts Like A Monster

My husband’s behaviour has totally changed and when he’s angry he shouts like a monster. He verbally abuses me and hurts me very much. I can’t do anything but cry. It doesn’t matter to him that I am writing about my exams.

We had a huge fight recently and I am very mentally down. My exams don’t even matter to him. How can I love him?

Dear Lady,

It’s of course hurtful. But what kind of communication do you and your husband have when you’re not fighting?

There’s a misunderstanding

There’s clearly a misunderstanding in your household. Be it the in-laws, your husband and you. It’s important that boundaries are created and respected in any relationship if it has to flourish. Communicating your need to be respected by everyone in your house is important.

Don’t sit and cry

What’s even more important is what exactly are you doing or have you been doing to manage your marital relationship?

It’s imperative that you speak with your husband about what you think and need, because of no matter what, he’s the one who is being emotionally and verbally abusive to you.

Also, what makes you think you can only cry?

Lastly, your question “How can I love him?”

That’s something you can decide. No one in the world can answer this for you.

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All the best
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