My lover gives more importance to his wife

He married her only out of pressure and due to threats and now I am suffering
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Dear ma’am,

I’m 34 years old, unmarried and in a relationship since the last six/seven years. The person respects me, advises me and stays in touch daily through phone. But he had an affair with another girl who is 5 years older than him, before meeting me. He used to love her and wanted to marry her but could not due to family problems and the age gap between them. Then the girl started getting obsessive. She even attempted suicide twice. Ultimately due to the threats and tension, my boyfriend married his earlier girlfriend and left me.

But still, he is in regular touch with me. He cares about me but does not want to marry me and socially accept me. His priority is his wife. Always!

He says that if everything doesn’t happen according to his wife, it may spoil his family. He has his wife  at home. He tries his best to keep her happy and even sleeps with her. But still, he says he is into me and wants to keep contact with me too. What should I do? I am totally involved in him and I get badly disturbed and react and feel depressed when I see him giving more importance to that other elderly female and ignoring me. I don’t wanna lose him. But I never want to be the second female in his life either. Please help and guide Ma’am.

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Dear 34-year-old,

Okay… We all attempt to justify things to ourselves when we want

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