My mother-in-law – not my mum yet like a motherly figure

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My mother-in-law. Sweet yet disciplined. Caring yet assertive.

I really don’t know how do I describe my bond with her. I am close to her but yet there’s a distance between us.

For me, she is my husband’s mother & I respect her for that. I never interfere when she is with my husband. Nor I pester my husband to know  about what they talk about when they are together .

When I am with her, we do joke about our husbands.  We do share a laugh & light moments.  Yet, there are a few things she expects me to do. Keeping my hair tied in the house is one of them.

She feels a married woman should keep her hair tied in front of other family members. She is not exactly superstitious but she is a little orthodox.  But she is liberal as well.

She allowed me to work after marriage despite objections from other family members as the family traditions in my husband’s family doesn’t permit the wives of the house working after marriage.  But not only did she allow me but also supported me as well.

Before my pregnancy, I had to quit a couple of jobs in quick succession due to different circumstances,  she stood by me & even asked me not to blame myself for what happened.

When my pregnancy was detected, she & my husband were the only ones to ask me if I wanted to proceed because I became pregnant in less than a year of marriage.

When I decided to come to my home town,  Delhi  for my delivery,  cried as if her  own daughter was going away from her. She is in Delhi now,  visiting me for a few days . She  is complaining to my mum about how careless I can be but at the same time praising me for how I managed my & my husband’s home as well as work.

She is even going to be there for my baby shower ceremony & my delivery.

She doesn’t exactly pamper me like a daughter is but she showers me with a lot of love as I am the youngest daughter in law in the immediate family.

I don’t love her as much as Iove my mum but I adore & respect her alot. She will never become my mother but she is the closest thing that I can feel to my mother in an unknown city where I have no known relatives besides my husband  & his family.

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