My parents don’t want me to marry the ‘perfect guy’

How do I convince my family to let me marry the love of my life?
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Dear Ma’am,

I love a guy truly, in fact he too loves me dearly. We both are madly in love with each other but I am 22 and he is 30 years old. Our families know each other since many years. He is really a very humble and decent guy. A gentleman in true sense. At a decent job too. He loves me a lot, pampers me, cares for me and is understanding too.

Though my parents liked him earlier, now since they have sensed there is something going on between the two of us, my parents are behaving like they don’t like him or like this relationship doesn’t have a future. But we both love each other immensely. He is perfect. He has even informed his family about me. It seems like my parents don’t want the most “perfect guy” to be my soul mate… or it is just because I am studying? Please suggest to me how I can handle this situation and convince my parents.

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Prachi Vaish says:
Hi Pratiksha,

First of all, congratulations for finding your soul mate! You are indeed a lucky one! And that said, [restrict]getting to spend our lives with our soul mates can be a tad difficult and needs to be earned! It’s highly possible that your parents have gotten sceptical because of the eight-year age gap between the two of you and think that you are probably being taken advantage of. This is a natural reaction as far as parents are concerned.

What you need to do is not get scared and have faith in your love. You also need to focus on your studies and career and make a good one for yourself so you’re independent and confident to face life. Once you have that, you’ll be able to give your parents the confidence that you have the backing to make good decisions for your life.

If your boyfriend steadily stands by you while you shape your life, they will see that he genuinely cares for you and eventually you’ll be able to convince them. This will take a lot of patience and maturity on both your parts but trust me, it’ll be worth it.

Take care and all the best!



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