My parents will not agree to my inter caste marriage to the man I love

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Q: Hello, I am in relationship with a man since one and half years and we are happy. We understand each other and want to marry in few years, but it’s an inter caste relationship. My parents are very conservative and think people who marry out of caste should be kept out of family. Recently my father refused to invite a cousin to a family function because she married out of our caste. Please advise.

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This is a difficult situation to be in. However, think about this when the time of marriage comes. Since you wish to marry each other in a few years, there is time for you to brainwash your parents gradually.

Meet his family to see how supportive they are. Look for people in your family who may be supportive in future, when you actually do get married.

My suggestion, cross the bridge once you are there which means that you must think about this at the time when you actually do decide that this is the time to get married. Till then enjoy your relationship.

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