Affair and Cheating

My partner cheated on me with 17 others

She discovered something by accident and it almost destroyed her
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(Names changed to protect identities)

I was in a relationship for four years with Kamran. We were the poster couple in college and had to move to different cities to pursue our careers. Because I was so much in love, I kept visiting Delhi to spend a few days with him every three months. During one such visit, we were relaxing in the hotel room, when suddenly his phone rang. I leaned over to see who it was and saw ‘Baby’ flashing on the screen. He quickly snatched the phone off the bed and went out of the room to whisper into his phone. I became determined to find out who the mysterious ‘Baby’ was.

I got my chance when he was in the washroom the next day. I quickly noted down ‘Baby’s’ number and made a mental note to call her when Kamran wasn’t there. I called the number in the evening and a familiar voice picked up.

“Hi, I am calling from Makemytrip. You have won a voucher. May I know your name?” I asked.

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