My wife does not want children, but I do

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Hello, sir. I have completed 7 years of marriage and have no children. My wife has been continually threatening me (since we got married) about sending me to jail and fights with me on irrelevant issues. She taunts and abuses my mother and father. How can I get a divorce from my wife, as she doesn’t want a baby and I want kids? What are the steps to get a divorce? Please advise me.


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Nandish Thackar says:

You can immediately approach the concerned Family Court to file [restict] a divorce petition under Section 13 of the Hindu Marriage Act, mainly on the ground of cruelty. Denying you a child would also amount to cruelty and can be strong grounds for a divorce.

Also submit a formal letter to the nearest police station regarding the threats made by your wife about filing false cases against you.



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