Top 10 myths straight people seem to have about gay people

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Straight people don’t know gay people well enough

This issue is deeper than it seems. From being conditioned into these heteronormative norms, it is highly unlikely that many straight people have got the exposure to be well versed with the gay community.

While cis-hets (CIS gendered heterosexual) in general have had the privilege to not care much about the lies and misconceptions about gay people, it did give birth to homophobia. While some would even confuse “sex” with “gender”, others would find “being gay” contagious. It is funny when some straight people given the proper exposure come around these myths and find how untrue they are.

As ominous as it may seem, these myths are yet to be busted. But what can be done right now is to educate the masses in a comprehensive manner without coercing them to the point where they might feel uncomfortable. While some of these people are likely to play the “ethos” card, they should be reminded of how inclusive culture has always been practised in India. Homoeroticism and things alike have already been found in pieces of literature and were considered to be the norm.

Top 10 myths that straight people believe about gay people

It is beyond anyone’s comprehension how these myths came into being but we are not here to discuss that. Here are the top 10 myths that straight people believe about gay people.
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1. Gay men are supposedly feminine

Femininity or masculinity are the two lines or rather binaries that form the heteronormative conformations. These binaries are not only dictated by the patriarchal conditioning but are extremely regressive to the point that feminity in men has converted them to being considered homosexual. The queer spectrum is beyond the conventional boundaries of the proposed gender binary, feminity doesn’t always necessarily point to the traits of being gay.

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2. Lesbians have short hair (read boy-cut)

These myths are stemming from the compressed alienation of the cishet circuit where they tend to believe and act on such myths. Lesbians don’t necessarily have boy-cut but even if they do, that is not how you assume.

3. Gay people are promiscuous

Promiscuity is a human phenomenon which doesn’t necessarily align according to one’s sexual orientation. While many gay people are sexually active others aren’t. It is a ludicrous concept to even think that homosexuals are sexually more active than heterosexuals. Monogamy is a choice after all!

4. But who is the wife?

The gender roles are so deep inside the minds of heterosexuals that they tend to constrict everything according to their conditioning. There aren’t any inherent roles that each has to play to carry out the gender role even in a homosexual relationship where the cis-hets perceive submission to what females do. But that is not true even in cishet relationships. Gay people can be dominant, submissive and versatile accordingly.
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5. Gay people don’t have kids

Gay people have kids and they either adapt or they use alternative methods such as surrogacy. And no their kids are not necessarily gay just because their parents are. There is, in fact, no evidence which can prove otherwise.

6. Gay people can’t have normal relationships

It’s sad how the “normal” has already been set according to the cis-het conventions

Gay people have healthy and functioning relationships which are monogamous, not necessarily, but it surely resembles the typical straight family if that’s’ what this myth implied.

7. Gay people flaunt their sexuality

If holding hands or being intimate publicly is flaunting then heterosexuals should stop flaunting their sexuality as well.

8. Gay people don’t need precautions while sex

They do! Protection is always a must, regardless of your sexual orientation. Protection is required to prevent the chances of getting STIs or STDs.

9. Gay people can turn straight people gay

You are either born gay or you are not. You can’t just turn someone gay. That would be utterly ridiculous.

10. Gay people can’t have sex

Next time you hear someone saying this, show them a video of how it’s done.

The sad truth

The lack of proper sex-education and sensitisation from a blooming age has created these myths which are not only an issue for the queer community but also the reason for many unwanted pregnancies or sexual diseases among straight people as well. These myths are evidence of the deep-seated homophobia that resides in this society which is not only problematic but also dangerous for everyone.

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