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Naam Taapsee you know, but there’s more to this girl

Taapsee Pannu is in the news for being spotted with a new man, so let's revise what we know about her
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A new man in Taapsee’s life

Taapsee Pannu’s recent lunch date with her beau Mathias Boe has taken the Internet by storm all right! While the ‘PINK’ actress looked stunning in her yellow ochre Birdwalk midi dress, it’s her great attitude and fearless choice of roles that got us scouting her past. And we can’t wait to share the secrets we found about this ‘soorma’ of a girl.

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So here we go.

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Taapsee’s nickname is Maggie

Yes, it is and yes maybe it is because she has such lovely curly hair or maybe because noodles are her favourite. Whatever the reason, we think its super cute. After all everyone loves Maggi right?

She is a trained classical dancer

Our fighter girl is actually a trained Bharatnatyam and Kathak dancer. She has won several competitions at college and university level in these dance forms, which she took up while she was in fourth grade. Now you know why her dance moves are so awesome.

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