Never Fall In Love…..

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Crush, infatuation, attraction and heart break have got to be treated like the four seasons in each life, which come to pass. Until one encounters the bliss of real love like the rising sun shining gallantly each day after a gloomy phase of dark. True love evolves and matures with time, having no boundaries of physicality; shunning the fear of failure. It makes heart light as a feather dancing on the notes of wind (yes! lovers hear music even in the most unworthy situation), it gives the power to persuade odds and defy the hypocrite norms; it teaches sacrifice and the joy of giving. It makes you stand for your inner voice, giving a whole new perception to the term ‘sharing’ as we happily share our lives in this case not commodities… With all these and a bounty full of other positives I wonder, how can one” FALL” in love?

Falling for, sounds disrespectful; the pride it marks, going unseen. The word ‘fall’ itself demeans its essence and intensity, as if it’s of fumbling or toppling or faltering from the top. Love in reality is all it takes to smilingly sink to sail across. It’s simply to” RISE” above the normal criteria of existing, rise from the dogmas of self centred aspirations, challenging the heirloom basis of humanity and leading a life less ordinary. Placing someone special ahead of one’s own self in everything that’s worth rejoicing and sheltering the same standing bravely upfront to face any upheaval during times of distress. It’s not about the institution of marriage one chooses to go for as the ultimate goal of each union is love. It yields happy state of mind with strength and contentment of loving and being loved.

I find myself growing tall each day since the last two decades (of course not in terms of height!!). It’s the determination and hope that I put in my companionship which makes others around look shorter. We are friends first and then a couple surviving the high and low tides in the ocean of love. Times have changed drastically over the years of our knowing each other, and so are the notions of friendship and relationships. Although what has remained firm and stable is our trust and belief in each other, the choicest spices, which seem to have eloped from the culinary sets of the youngsters these days.

Love is not always a sleep over the bed of roses, it undoubtedly has sharp and piercing hidden thorns. Similarly we too have our bad days, difference of opinions, disputes on general matters including few situations of disagreement, hurt and anger. But nothing has been too big to exist till the next day, and the eternal sun again reminds us of our everlasting love leaving behind each others in-capabilities. If we claim to love someone with heart and soul then there can be no relevant reason ever; to feel a fall, cause you genuinely RISE in love, this is all what I have been telling my children about this fancy four lettered word.

As I write this post, I am missing our family times of togetherness and warmth; he being away on work commitment. How wonderfully true it is! distance makes the heart grow fonder; yet at times its a must to realize the importance of one another and feel the vacuum that is created in the absence of the ones you love so dearly.

I end up quoting never fall in love! Rather be deeply affectionate to your soul mate each day like there is no tomorrow and keep scaling new heights RISING in love…


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